Todd Terje (3hr Set) / Man Power / Sassy Wylie / La Discothèque Dancers

Sat 6 November 2021, 8:00PM – Sun 7 November 2021, 2:00AM

We know a party when we see one, and La Discothèque know how to throw a really good one. At this very moment, Disco lovers of the North are doing perfectly choreographed cartwheels because the UK’s most exciting, glitter-fuelled party starters stop off on Saturday 6 November at Boiler Shop with their best line up ever.

Newcastle, start stretching your calf muscles, consider the perfect footwear and get ready to sparkle as the absolute Don, the connoisseur with a long list of fine Disco remixes customers including Bryan Ferry and Dolly Parton, Mr. Disco himself, Todd Terje sets the controls for the dance floor faithful. A congregation gathered to express themselves for a few magical hours in a version of heaven. Local hero and Deer Hunterera De Niro lookalike Man Power has his own set of dance floor destroying skills.

Skills he honed playing bucket list clubs and festivals all over the world. His appearance makes this some kind of double whammy with extra whammy. Sassy Wylie and La Discothèque dancers, just make it shoe in... a glittery, sparkly, shoe in.

Please note, this show is 18+.

[If you have accessibility requirements and would like to purchase a ticket, please get in touch with us here]