White Lies

Sat 12 March 2022 7:00PM – 11:00PM

In case you haven’t been keeping tabs on them, White Lies are one of the biggest cult guitar bands in operation. They have an army of diehard fans dotted around the globe - stick a pin in a map and it’s very likely White Lies can play to a crowd of thousands there. With its bombastic holler-along choruses, 2009’s To Lose My Life… made White Lies huge. It went to Number One in the UK and marked the trio out as one of the biggest breakthrough bands of the decade. But history is filled with groups who spend the rest of their career chasing a successful debut’s tail and McVeigh, Cave and Lawrence-Brown had other ideas. 

Over the records since, they have honed and re-calibrated their sound, continually expanding the sonic palette from which they work. They have introduced synthy flavours, electronic soundscapes, new wave grooves, 80s pop, proggy experimentation and more whilst never not sounding like White Lies. Between McVeigh’s undeniable vocals, their keen sense of melody and their thrilling rhythmic interplay, White Lies have afforded themselves the opportunity to leave base every now and then.

They have done all of this whilst remaining one of rock’s reassuringly tight units, saving the high drama for the stage and operating with a sleek minimum of fuss away from it.

Please note, this event is 14+ (under 16s must be accompanied by someone who's 18 or over).

[If you have accessibility requirements and would like to purchase a ticket, please get in touch with us here].