Bag Policy

To avoid any disappointment upon arrival, please carefully read our bag policy below:

Only one small bag per person is permitted, and it must not be bigger than A4 size (Height: 29.7cm / Width: 21cm / Depth: 15cm).

Backpacks, luggage, laptop bags, camera bags and large tote bags are not permitted.

"Fashion" backpacks that are smaller than A5 are allowed.

There are no facilities to leave large bags or luggage.

All bags will be subjected to normal search.

Thanks for your understanding.

Bag Policy


Boiler Shop’s official ticket partner is Ticketweb. Tickets for our events can be booked online through our EVENTS page; tickets for Bongo’s Bingo can be purchased via the website.

As part of our commitment to reduce our collective carbon footprint, we operate using digital/print at home tickets, where possible. Customers can purchase tickets for Mobile Delivery/Print at Home. You can access your Mobile tickets by downloading the Ticketweb UK App on your device.

Please always use a primary ticket seller when purchasing tickets. Tickets from unofficial sellers may not be valid and you could be refused entry.


We operate a scanning system to verify e-tickets. If you have a smartphone, you can show your ticket on your device — please make sure to download and open your ticket on your phone prior to arriving at the venue. If your screen is cracked, please print out your ticket(s) and bring them with you, as cracked and damaged screens might not be scanned.


If you've bought tickets for box office collection, but are not planning on going to the event yourself, please provide the person collecting the tickets with a Letter Of Authorisation which includes the following details:

- Full name and address of the card holder
- Telephone number
- Booking reference number
- Event name
- Event date
- Number of tickets purchased
- Name of person collecting the tickets
- The type of photographic ID the person will have with them (driver's licence or passport)
- Last 4 digits of the payment card



If your tickets are lost or stolen, or if it is damaged and the barcode is not visible, please contact the place of purchase.



If an event is cancelled, you will be notified by your place of purchase and issued with an automatic refund. This can take up to 28 days to show on your bank statement.
If an event is rescheduled, you will be notified by your place of purchase. If you can't attend the rescheduled event, you can request a refund from the place of purchase.



If you no longer wish to attend the event, including for reasons relating to coronavirus or sickness, we regret that we cannot offer a refund.



Every ticket agent will have different arrangements, but these normally cover the cost of fulfilling the order. Do check their individual FAQs for more detail.



If you’re concerned about wayward tickets, get in touch with your ticket agent and have all your booking details to hand. Don’t forget to check your spam folder as well.



Get in touch with whoever you booked with straight away – they can usually arrange replacements. Sadly, there’s not much the venue can do, though.


Prohibited Items

A number of items are prohibited from the venue, including backpacks, holdalls, suitcases, laptops and tablet computers. See full list of prohibited items below.

The venue will not be responsible for late admission or non-admission as a result of this policy. All bags will be searched. Admission constitutes consent to search.

Please cooperate with our team and allow time for security checks.

We will continue to review security measures in line with advice received from government agencies.

Prohibited items
• Backpacks of any size, holdalls, luggage or other large bags bigger than A4 paper size (Height: 29.7cm / Width: 21cm / Depth: 15cm)
• Laptop computers, iPads and other tablet computers
• Video cameras including Go Pros and professional cameras
• Cushions *
• Food *
• Alcoholic beverages, other drinks or liquids
• Flammable liquids in any container
• Aerosol cans (hairspray, mace pepper spray etc)
• Illegal drugs or substances
• Knives or weapons of any kind
• Signs, banners, flags on poles, staffs or selfie sticks
• Fireworks, glowsticks, confetti or glitter bombs or sprays
• Air horns, whistles or other noise-making distractions
• Projectiles (including frisbees, beach balls, footballs etc)
• Balloons
• Wheeled footwear, skateboards or scooters
• Helmets
• Large studs and chains
• Animals (except service animals to aid disabled people)
• Laser pens/pointers
• Large/golf umbrellas
• Anything else which we deem to impact on the enjoyment or viewing experience of others

* Exceptions will be made for those with access or medical requirements. If in doubt, please contact us in advance of your visit, please email us.

Prohibited Items

Admission, Refusals & Ejections


In accordance with licensing law, Boiler Shop has the right to refuse admission without providing a reason. If you've consumed alcohol prior to arrival and appear to be in an intoxicated state, behave inappropriately in the queue, or in view of the venue staff, you may be refused entry without a refund. 

We operate a strict No Search, No Entry policy and retain the right to ask anyone attending one of our events to take part in a search. Those who refuse will not be permitted to enter the premises.



Crowd surfing, smoking or vaping within the venue, throwing drinks and any other behaviour deemed as inappropriate whilst inside the venue will result in ejection from the premises without refund.

Once you are in, you are in - there is no readmission.



Boiler Shop operates a Neighbour Friendly policy. When leaving the venue, please respect the local residents by making as little noise as possible.

Admission, Refusals & Ejections

Age Restrictions

Age restrictions vary for each event. Age restrictions for each event can be found on the individual event listings on our website, as well as on our ticketing partners' sites, and on your tickets. These measures are in place for the safety and comfort of all attendees and must be adhered to.

All club events are strictly over 18s, and most events allowing under 18s require an adult to be in attendance, so please read the information displayed on each event carefully before booking.



If an event is billed as over 14s, anyone attending who is under 16 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over. One adult can attend with a maximum of two under 16s.

Children who appear to look under the age of 14 that arrive at a show and cannot prove they are 14 or over may be refused entry, depending on the type of event. This decision will be made by the duty manager, and we retain the right to refuse entry without refund. Parents will be called to collect their child if the show is not suitable for the person to attend unaccompanied. No refund will be given in this instance.



All of our club nights are strictly over 18s, with no exceptions. We accept two forms of ID — a valid driver's licence (full or provisional), or a valid passport. For more information, please refer to our ID Policy in the FAQs.

Age Restrictions

ID Policy


We accept the following two forms of ID only, with no exception:
- Driver’s license(full or provisional, in date)
- Passport (valid and in date) 

Any ID found to be fraudulent will be confiscated and passed over to the police. Please note that ID does not guarantee entry.



If you're lucky enough to look under 25, at over 14s events you will be asked to prove that you're over 18 when you buy alcohol in the venue. Attempting to buy alcohol if you are under 18 is a criminal offence, and you may be ejected without a refund or held until a responsible adult can collect you. People over the age of 18 found purchasing drinks for those not of legal age will be ejected without a refund.

ID Policy


Boiler Shop is a fully standing venue. We cannot reserve seating, unless it is in our designated Access area which is solely for those with disabilities/less able to stand & wheelchair users. These spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis.



Boiler Shop is a cashless venue.

We might on occasion sell tickets on the door, where we will accept cash only.


Cloakroom & Lost Property


Please be aware that no item will be given out from the cloakroom without the matching ticket being presented. If you've lost your ticket, you will be asked to wait until the end of the event to collect your belongings. 

Please note that Boiler Shop cannot accept liability for any items lost or damaged whilst in the cloakroom. All items are left at the riskof the owner.


If you've lost an item at the venue, please email with:
* a description of the missing item
* the date of the event
* your contact details
* any other relevant information

If the item can be located, a member of the team will be in touch to arrange for you to collect the item. The venue keeps items for a maximum of three weeks, after which they are donated to Care 4 Calais.

Please note, if you lose something at the weekend, we may not be able to get back to you until the following Monday.

Cloakroom & Lost Property

Harassment Policy

We maintain a strict Zero Tolerance policy for harassment of all kinds.

Boiler Shop is intended to be a safe space to enjoy music, art, expression, and culture. If you see or experience any unwanted attention, contact, bullying, harassment, or behaviour of any kind that makes you uncomfortable, please speak out and notify our staff immediately. You'll be taken seriously and will be able to speak in a safe and private space.  

Boiler Shop is a ShoutUp certified venue, and our staff are trained to remove anyone engaging in harassment, hatred, or discrimination of any kind.

If you would like to share feedback or report an experience related to harassment at our venue, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Harassment Policy

Drugs Policy

For your safety, Boiler Shop operates a strict Zero Tolerance policy on drugs and other banned substances. Those caught in possession of any such items will not be permitted entry to the venue and the police may be called.

Under our No Search, No Entry policy, we retain the right to ask anyone attending one of our events to take part in a search. Those who refuse will not be permitted to enter the premises.

Drugs Policy

Prescription Drugs And Medicine

Whilst we discourage bringing medication to the venue, we understand that for some people this is a necessity. If you need to bring prescription medication to an event, please read the following information carefully.

Customers who need to bring medical items with them to an event are asked to make this known to the venue prior to arrival to avoid any security related concerns and allow us to ensure you enjoy your experience.



A sealed package of prescribed medication of a small quantity is permitted, providing that your name is on the label. If possible, please bring a prescription for the medication with you.

Anyone attending with items that are deemed unidentifiable, not in the original packaging, or of a large quantity will be asked to speak with the Duty Manager and Medic on the night, who will assess the situation. The items may be removed until after the show and held in the medical room where they can be accessed, if required.

Please be aware that evidence may be requested by security or medical staff on entry, and you may also be requested to speak with the Duty Manager.



Anyone attending with medical sharps will be asked to discuss their usage with the Duty Manager and the venue’s medical staff, in a private area, to ensure that their condition requires immediate access to these items, as well as to ensure the customer's safety. We will ensure that you are aware of how to locate and access an area where you can administer the required treatment without any concern.

Prescription Drugs And Medicine

Dress Code

There is no dress code in place for any events at Boiler Shop. Go wild.

Dress Code

Noise And Sound Levels

Please be aware that there will be high sound levels during shows, and you may be subject to continuous sound levels which may cause potential damage to hearing.

Earplugs are available on request from the bar.

Noise And Sound Levels

Strobe Lighting And Pyrotechnics

Some shows will contain strobe lighting or smoke effects. Signage will be up in the venue to advise of this. Should you have an issue please speak to a member of staff on the night.

Strobe Lighting And Pyrotechnics

Door And Stage Times

We post stage times on our social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) on the morning of the show.

These timings are not guaranteed, and we recommend you arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Door And Stage Times

Cameras And Recording Equipment

To ensure the best experience possible for all our customers, we don't allow filming using iPads or tablet devices during any performances, and customers who persist may be asked to leave the venue.

We also do not allow professional cameras (with large or detachable lenses), video cameras or tape recorders in the venue. If you are found to have these with you on arrival, you'll be asked to either take them back to somewhere safe, or to deposit them at the Box Office. Small compact cameras are allowed unless specified on the day of the show.

Unfortunately, we cannot issue photo passes or grant access to the photo pit, as this is done by the bands' record label or press representative.

Cameras And Recording Equipment

Bongo's Bingo

Tickets / ticket queries
For all ticket enquiries please get in touch with the Bongo’s Bingo team here.

Entry times
Doors open at 6.30pm unless otherwise stated on the ticket. Last entry is 7.30pm; and the first game begins promptly at 8pm.
Curfew is approx. 11pm.

Table reservations
It’s not possible to reserve a table; and tables are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Prize collection
If you would like to leave a prize you will need to pick this up within in 48 hours of the event taking place or it will be donated to charity.

It is your responsibility to arrange this with us by emailing us at, and the venue is not liable for any loss or damage which may occur.

We have a full range of drinks at our bars.

We do not offer cloakroom service at Bongo’s bingo. Please note, backpacks are not allowed in the venue.

Bringing Decorations
You will not be allowed into the venue early but you may bring decorations as long as they do not obstruct anyone’s view.

Lost property
Did you lose something?
Please drop us an email at and we’ll do our best to reunite you with your belongings.

Dancing on the furniture
Please note, dancing on the furniture is not allowed. Standing on the furniture is at your own risk, and the venue isn’t liable for any injuries sustained.

Bongo's Bingo Terms & Conditions can be accessed in full here.

Bongo's Bingo